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How does a middle aged woman become a rebel? January 6, 2010

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It began when the Congress decided that I must pay for others’ health care through a dramatic increase in cigarette taxes. I simply refused to pay it.

Did I quit smoking? No. I just don’t pay it. Rather than submit, I found a way around it.

The 535 individuals who comprise the most egotistic yet most ignorant body to which the world has been afflicted left a class of tobacco out of the legislation. Whether by intent (think professor) or pure ignorance, pipe tobacco is not subject to the tax. Hence, it didn’t take long for pipe tobacco, which differs from cigarette tobacco only in the width of the cut, to be sold as an alternative to loose cigarette tobacco and pre-made cigarettes. With an old food processor, a box of cigarette tubes and a half hour each evening, I have opted out of the Congress’ redistribution of my wealth.

It’s a wondrous feeling, knowing that I’ve made a successful end run around them, and suddenly I began looking for other ways to “stick it to the (wo)man.”

Of course, I’ve never been remotely close to politically correct so I’ve unknowingly been a rebel for many years. Rebellion this overt at this age, however, is new. I was a complete rebel between 10 and 21 but with a family and responsibilities that sort of rebellion is not only unwise but unthinkable.

Now I look for every opportunity to thwart their control over my life. Creativity is required, as is perseverance, but that’s okay with me.



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