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Conservativism not as dead as once thought January 24, 2010

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Scott Brown drove Olbermann to a frothing hysteria–priceless!

That Brown canvassed Massachussets saying we must fight terrorists rather than grant them Constitutional rights, that the states should retain soverignty to do things like health care, that taxes must be lowered for all, and WON is nothing less than a miracle. Perhaps our northern citizens aren’t as lost as I once thought.

And the monstrosity called health care “reform” is on life support. As a commenter at the American Spectator noted,

MarkJ| 1.20.10 @ 5:20PM
Knowing Nancy Pelosi as we do, the only way we’ll really know ObamaReidPelosiCare is dead is when we (figuratively) shoot it with silver bullets, chop off its head, drive a stake through its heart, stuff its mouth full of garlic, put a crucifix on its chest, and bury the stinking corpse face down in a holy water-filled coffin under ten feet of concrete.

When we do all that, then I’ll rest easy about ObamaReidPelosiCare.

Hope springs anew.



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