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The Rebellious

I am the silent, who is silent no more. I am a nobody in the alternate universe of Washington, DC. Yet I refuse to be nobody any longer.

I am in open, visceral rebellion against the government of the United States. Out of love for my country and my children, in faithfulness to my beliefs, I refuse to submit to the slavery that is lunging from the Capitol at my and my children’s throats. I will not wear the chains Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the lesser tyrants are casting over us. I am a free woman, my children are heirs to the freedom I cherish, and I will not be forced into servitude.

I believe in God.

I believe in subsidiary, the most shining example of which is the US Constitution.

I believe in individual Americans and their innate, God-given rights.

I believe in individual responsibility and attendant consequences.

I reject all socio-political philosophies that eschew individual freedom for collectivism, that promote dependence over self-reliance, that encourage envy and greed over hard work and thrift, that enforce alien moralities on an unwilling populace, and that reward sloth.

I therefore pledge to resist every moment of every hour of every day the evil emanating from Washington, DC. I will fight with every tool and every tactic available.

I will never submit.



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